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Safety & Security Sensors

"Enhance your security with our advanced Security and Safety Sensors." Our cutting-edge sensors are designed to fortify your home's security, providing a robust defense against potential threats."

    • "Crafting a robust security network is at the heart of our automation for security and safety sensors. Each sensor collaborates seamlessly, creating a comprehensive defense system that ensures your home is safe and secure at all times. Our commitment to surpassing standard expectations is reflected in the technology you can trust, with your safety as our top priority.
    • In the realm of sensor networking, establishing connectivity is crucial. All devices are interlinked through a gateway, forming the backbone of home automation. This process encompasses a wide range of automated appliances, from HVAC and lighting controls to digital safety locks for gates and doors, as well as safety and security sensors. All these components communicate on LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network).
    • LPWAN enables low-range devices to communicate at a low bit rate, ideal for battery-operated devices. The gateway serves as a bridge between low-powered devices and LPWAN, connecting to other cloud devices for data synchronization. Thus, having a gateway unit is essential for sensor networking within the automation site.The synchronization of sensors and other devices with these gateway servers and the cloud provides an enhanced feature of real-time monitoring, accessible on your mobile screen.
    • Our high-end quality surveillance systems, including security cameras and security sensors, offer a complete range to ensure your house's safety is never taken for granted. We understand the significance of securing your home, built with your hard-earned money.
    • Security Cameras: Boasting over 5-star reviews, our cameras provide a high-quality home monitoring experience at an affordable price without compromising your house's security.
    • Security Sensors: From smoke sensors to motion sensors, glass break detectors, heat detectors, and water bugs, our diverse range of sensors enhances your house's safety and security, even when you are away.
    • Video Door Phone: Enhance your home security by communicating with people before granting access.
    • Door-Window Contact: Even when you're away, check for signs of intrusion or mischievous acts.
    • Electronic Door Lock: Hassle-free installation on any door makes our electronic door lock a perfect home security system for everyone. Your safety is our priority."

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Our company history and facts

Established in 2021, ARG Lighting and Automation swiftly became a trailblazer in home automation, offering seamless integration of smart lights and stand-alone systems.

Design & development process demonstration

Designing and deploying home automation systems involves meticulous planning, component selection, and integration of smart devices to create a seamless, user-friendly experience.