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Crafting Cinematic Experiences, One Home at a Time.!

"Transform your living space into a cinematic retreat with our expert home theater design and installation services."

 "Welcome to a new era of home cinema, where the promise is not just entertainment but a genuine "cinema experience" within the confines of your private space. At ARG Lighting and Automation, we specialize in delivering high-performance and premium-quality home theatre design, ensuring that every moment is a cinematic masterpiece. Whether you envision a dedicated theatre room or crave surround sound for your living room, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your desires. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our choice of trusted brands with proven track records, guaranteeing a premium audio-visual experience."

Unlock the perfect home theatre ambiance through meticulous speaker positioning and top-tier surround sound options. Choose from cutting-edge companies offering 3D sound speakers or 4K Ultra HD projectors, providing our clients with a range of options to tailor their home theatre system. At ARG, we understand that a truly immersive sound experience is the key to replicating the magic of Hollywood blockbusters. Our goal is to meet your needs without the need for a hefty investment, ensuring that your home becomes the epicenter of entertainment without compromise.

Building your dream home theatre system involves a thoughtful selection of components – a TV or projector, screen, a Blu-ray player as a video source, and a combination of right, left, center forward, and rear speakers, all meticulously synchronized and set up. We take pride in perfecting this setup for you, ensuring that your quality time with loved ones is complemented by an unparalleled audio-visual experience.

"Experience the epitome of home entertainment with ARG Lighting and Automation– where every detail is crafted to create memories and enhance your cherished moments."!


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Our company history and facts

Established in 2021, ARG Lighting and Automation swiftly became a trailblazer in home automation, offering seamless integration of smart lights and stand-alone systems.

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Design & development process demonstration

Designing and deploying home automation systems involves meticulous planning, component selection, and integration of smart devices to create a seamless, user-friendly experience.