Lighting Automation

Smart way to Lit-up your homes & workplaces!

"Your Costly home decor highlights only when there is a right focusing light."

"Your Costly home decor highlights only when there is a right focusing light. Our wide range of energy efficient and Eco-friendly lights fulfills all such requirements at reasonable rates. Lights being an integral part of our lives, we only notice it when it is lacking somewhere. They not only give a better visualization to every corner of your home but also enhance its ambiance and decor."

"Gone are the times of traditional functionality ON/OFF lights for your exquisite living. Switch to the most exclusive collection of efficient and sumptuous smart lights.
Explore the wide variety of features inbuilt inside these smart lights such as auto-cut & auto-dimmable features. It also comes with a power-transition feature which enables your light to adjust its intensity automatically sensing according to the requirement. "

 "Adding more to it, human centricity is the most wonderful feature taken into consideration of human health. These lights do adjust their spectrum throughout the daylight and mix the right amount of colours for better vision before the sunset and low illuminance after the sunset. Not only being technically advanced but also these lights have a life changing effect on the synchronization of the human biological clock."

Home Automation & Lighting

"Automate your home appliances and control them being away or near via your smartphone."

"Transform your living spaces with home automation, allowing you to control appliances remotely via your smartphone, whether you're near or far. Our offerings include both wired and wireless solutions to cater to diverse site requirements. The ARG Lighting Automation Module, compatible with various Indian household loads, turns ordinary switches into smart switches, enhancing security and convenience with a simple tap on your phone screen."

"Choose wired automation for a reliable and durable solution, ideal for luxury customers on a budget. With the capability to handle large bandwidth and ensuring long-lasting performance, wired automation provides a quick response time and minimal troubleshooting challenges."

"Opt for wireless automation to turn your home into a smart, connected space. This system monitors and controls lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances, offering the flexibility to enhance home security with features like access control and alarm systems. Elevate your living experience with our comprehensive home automation solutions."

Our company history and facts

Established in 2021, ARG Lighting and Automation swiftly became a trailblazer in home automation, offering seamless integration of smart lights and stand-alone systems.

Design & development process demonstration

Designing and deploying home automation systems involves meticulous planning, component selection, and integration of smart devices to create a seamless, user-friendly experience.