Gate Motor

Motorized Shutters & Gates

"Be it a household main gate or a heavy duty shutter for bulky shops and warehouses, the gate motor is behind their smooth automatic control."

Elevate Security with Automated Gate Motors

Automated gate motors transcend traditional security measures, seamlessly integrating with modern lifestyles. These motors, akin to smart home devices, streamline the operation of main gates for residences and commercial spaces. Here's why they're essential:

  1. Convenience and Connectivity: Gate motors effortlessly sync with smart home systems, offering programmable features for time-specific operations. This synergy enhances user convenience while ensuring optimal security.

  2. Durability in Motion: Electric gate motors operate gates with a gentle, constant motion, minimizing wear on components. This not only extends the motor's lifespan but also ensures sustained performance for the entire gate system.

  3. Fail-Safe Security: By automating gate control, these motors eliminate the risk of human error in securing entry points. This proactive security measure is invaluable for residential and commercial properties alike.

  4. Industry Compliance: In production and warehousing, safeguarding materials is paramount. Automated gate systems, complete with security code access, fulfill industry requirements, providing a robust defense against unauthorized access.

Investing in automated gate motors is more than a security upgrade; it's a strategic move towards seamless living and heightened protection. Explore the possibilities of advanced gate automation for a secure and connected environment.


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Established in 2021, ARG Lighting and Automation swiftly became a trailblazer in home automation, offering seamless integration of smart lights and stand-alone systems.

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Designing and deploying home automation systems involves meticulous planning, component selection, and integration of smart devices to create a seamless, user-friendly experience.