Video Door Digital Lock

Smart & Digital Door Locks

"Smarten Up Your Security: Beyond Keys, Beyond Limits."

Smart digital locks provide high security with bio-metric and remote access control, seamlessly integrating into smart homes for automated convenience.

"Achieving the coveted "everything is under control" satisfaction is paramount, whether safeguarding our homes during vacations or securing offices and warehouses holding prized possessions. Enter the smart video door digital lock, a technological marvel with features ensuring peace of mind."

"Equipped with a door lock alarm, it alerts you if the door is not securely locked upon departure. The lock boasts a durable battery life, lasting up to three months, making it ideal for extended periods away. Notably, the admin security rights feature designates the first registrant as the admin with exclusive access rights, enhancing overall security."

"The intrusion sensor provides comprehensive information on door activity, capturing images of anyone attempting unauthorized access. In essence, these smart video door digital locks offer advanced security and convenience, ensuring your premises remain safeguarded in your absence."


Our Team

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Our company history and facts

Established in 2021, ARG Lighting and Automation swiftly became a trailblazer in home automation, offering seamless integration of smart lights and stand-alone systems.

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Design & development process demonstration

Designing and deploying home automation systems involves meticulous planning, component selection, and integration of smart devices to create a seamless, user-friendly experience.